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16th World Congress on Structural Biology, will be organized around the theme “Novel Research Techniques in Structural Biology”

Euro Structural Biology 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Euro Structural Biology 2020

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Structural Biology is the branch of biology that embarks the importance of physical science and biochemistry within the molecular structure of biological macromolecules. It conjointly provides info regarding the result of structural alterations of macromolecules on their perform. This method of determination of structures of proteins, nucleic acids might take years because the form, size and assemblies of those molecules could also be altering the function.

  • Track 1-1Biochemistry
  • Track 1-2Structural modifications in nucleic acids
  • Track 1-3Biological system
  • Track 1-4Alternations in Protein Structure

Basic bioinformatics is the discipline of bioinformatics that pertains process methods to dissect and for the forecast of the three-dimensional structure of organic macromolecules mainly (Proteins, Nucleic acids), and the way proteins execute cell capacities. Auxiliary bioinformatics depends on the macromolecule structure-work paragon, the bio atomic 3D structure decides the capability of macromolecules, and therefore the cardinal constituent of basic bioinformatics is enlargement of process and takes a look at methods. 

  • Track 2-1Genome Mapping
  • Track 2-2Translational Medicine
  • Track 2-3Protein Modeling
  • Track 2-4Epigenomic data analysis

Molecular Biology is a immense topic that deals with the structure and performance of macromolecules. it's typicallycombined with techniques of biological science and organic chemistry. Till 2000, genetic science was the sub-field of biological science. Since biological science is generally quantitative it’s in edge with procedure biology and bioinformatics. alternative zones of Biology focus directly or indirectly on molecules,whereas developmental biology and cell biology focus directly, whereas phylogenetic and evolutionary biology focus indirectly.

  • Track 3-1Genetics
  • Track 3-2Cell Biology
  • Track 3-3Developmental Biology
  • Track 3-4Gene Expression

Biochemistry is the study of chemical processes happening within the shape. Recently this subject has found its importance within the biological world because it has found its importance altogether fields of natural science and biology. By dominant data flow through organic chemistry signalling and therefore the flow of energy through metabolism, organic chemistry processes create to the complexness of life. Its main focus is to know how biological molecules createto the processes that occur inside living cells.

Biophysics is the trending topic within the field of biology. It relates physics and biology. In alternative words it signifies however ancient physical ways are used to study the biologicalphenomena within the shape.Biophysical analysis shares important overlapwith organicchemistry, biology, chemistry,physiology, nanotechnology, engineering, computationalbiology, biomechanics and systems biology

  • Track 4-1Systems Biology
  • Track 4-2Metabolomics
  • Track 4-3Biophysical approaches to cell biology
  • Track 4-4Biomolecules

Proteomics is that the newest and therefore the most mentioned topic within the field of Structural Biology. It deals with determining the structure and performance of proteins- the building blocks of the body. It found its importance when the introduction of the Human ordination Project. virtually each method that happens in our cells – from the metabolization of straightforward sugar to the division of cells – depends on proteins for swish operation.

Genomics is that the study of structure, working, mapping and alteration of genomes. the complete arrangement of DNA- the knowledge centre of our body is thought as genetic science. genetic science and genetic science are reticulate . genetic science involve the study of structural determination of the body whereas genetic science involve the study of genetic makeup of the body.

  • Track 5-1Chemical & single cell proteomics
  • Track 5-2Molecular and cellular proteomics
  • Track 5-3Expression proteomics
  • Track 5-4Quantitative proteomics
  • Track 5-5Cancer Genomics

Molecular modeling involves the theoretic and process procedures that are accustomed mimic the behaviour of macromolecules. Molecular modelling techniques are utilized in varied fields a number of that are drug style, processchemistry, materials science and process biology. 

  • Track 6-1Steered molecular dynamics (SMD)
  • Track 6-2Hybrid QM/MM
  • Track 6-3Potentials in ab-initio methods

 Drug planning is an ingenious method to search out new medication centered on the data of biological target. Drug is most typically a little molecule that inhibits or activates the operate of a biomolecule, that successively outcomes in a very therapeutic profit to the patient. Drug style commonly however not basically depends on machine techniques. This kind of modeling is usually mentioned as computer aided drug style.

  • Track 7-1Drug targets
  • Track 7-2Ligand-based design
  • Track 7-3Structure-based design

biomarker is an attribute that may be studied as an indicator of infective and biological operation in conjunction with pharmacologic report to a therapeitic involvemetnt they indicate either traditional or unhealthy activity within the body. Biomarkers are specific molecules, genes, sequence product, hormones, cells or enzymes.

  • Track 8-1Scoring functions
  • Track 8-2Adrenergic receptor
  • Track 8-3Protein crystallography

Signaling is that the method through that the cells communicate with one another. they're usually secreted from the cell and discharged into the extracellular area. Regulation of organic phenomenon contains a comprehensive vary of mechanisms that are employed by cells to control the assembly of specific cistron merchandise, and is familiarly termed as cistron regulation. 

  • Track 9-1G-protein-coupled receptor
  • Track 9-2Protein crystallography
  • Track 9-3Protein structure

Sequence analysis is explained as a method of exposing DNA, polymer or amide sequence to a good vary of analytical ways so as to grasp its structure, operate and evolution. The ways embody sequence alignment and biological databases. Synergistic use of three-dimensional structures and deep sequencing is finished to understand the impact of customized drugs. The usage of sequence analysis in structural biology can pave the thanks to new ways which might be utilised to work out the structure of molecules.

  • Track 10-1Profile comparison
  • Track 10-2Sequence assembly
  • Track 10-3Gene prediction
  • Track 10-4Complementary Methods

Enzymology is that the investigation of compounds, their energy, structure, and capability, and conjointly their associationto every alternative. Enzymes are organic compound natural impetuses. Proteins encourage artificial responses. The particles whereat catalysts act are known as substrates and also the substrates are modified over into the product within the distance of enzymes. All metabolic procedures within the cell need chemical chemical action keeping in mind the topgoal to happen at rates sufficiently fast to take care of life. Catelisation of individual strides in metabolic pathways depends on the chemicals. Compounds are well-known to change state in far more than five,000 organic chemistryresponse writes. Most catalysts are proteins, in spite of the actual fact that some is drug ribonucleic acid particles. The last is termed ribosomes. Catalysts specificity originates from their novel three-dimensional structures.

  • Track 11-1Protein prenylation technique
  • Track 11-2Steady state kinetics

Nuclear resonance chemical analysis of biomolecules could be a field of structural biology. Solid-State Nuclear resonance (SSNMR) could be a chemical analysis strategy to accept insoluble proteins at nuclear level.3D structural information of the proteins are often thought-about by High-determination solid state nuclear magnetic resonance chemical analysis that can't be considered by X-ray physics or arrangement NMR spectroscopy. Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance isn't restricted by live or by the nonattendance of long-range order. it's conceivable to determine 3D structure of proteins by sturdy state nuclear magnetic resonance equivalent to it by arrangement NMR.

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  • Track 12-1X-ray crystallography
  • Track 12-2Nuclear Magnetic Resonances
  • Track 12-3Cryo-Electron Microscopy
  • Track 12-4Ultra-fast laser spectroscopy

Spectrophotometry may be a tool that depends on the qualitative and quantitative investigation of particles relying upon what proportion light-weight is consumed by color mixes. Spectrophotometry utilizes photometers, referred to as photometer that may live a lightweight beam force as part of its color (wavelength). Nuclear magnetic reverberation chemical analysis, most commonly referred to as NMR chemical analysis or magnetic reverberation spectroscopy (MRS), may be a chemical analysis system to look at near engaging fields around nuclear cores. the foremost widely known types of NMR are nucleon and carbon13 NMR chemical analysis.

  • Track 13-1Emerging Separation Technologies
  • Track 13-2Hybrid Mass Spectrometry
  • Track 13-3Approaches in Glycoproteins and Glycans
  • Track 13-4Protein Phosphorylation and Non-Covalent Interaction
  • Track 13-5Advances in Isolation, Enrichment and Separation

Genome informatics is that the field within which pc and measurable procedures are connected to induce biological knowledge from gene sequences. A genome is accomplished arrangement of deoxyribonucleic acid of living organisms, as well as of each one amongst its qualities. Genomic informatics incorporates ways to analyze deoxyribonucleic acid sequence knowledge and to anticipate super molecule grouping and structure.

  • Track 14-1Genome Mapping
  • Track 14-2Epigenomic data analysis

The primary attentiveness of a structural biologist is assurance of super molecule structure and drug define. super molecule assumes a critical half in shape. Living things wouldn't exist without proteins. Proteins are related to all components of living things. Cell structure is given by totally different proteins; others tend to tie and convey essential particles at some point of the body. Proteins that are related to organic chemistry responses within the body are named as catalysts. 

  • Track 15-1Membrane proteins
  • Track 15-2Nano patterning
  • Track 15-3Macromolecular designing

Computational approaches are a boon for structural biology. These strategies use the ideas of bioinformatics to see the structure of macromolecules. Generally the structure of molecules is set by experimental strategies is each time intense and value effective. to beat these constraints, machine approaches like ab-initio modelling, similarity modeling and threading technique are used.

  • Track 16-1Machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Track 16-2Knowledge discovery and data mining techniques
  • Track 16-3Bioinformatics and cheminformatics
  • Track 16-4Sequence motifs and alignments
  • Track 16-5Hidden markov model
  • Track 16-6Sequencing algorithms

Basic virology is that the scrutiny of viruses, ultramicroscopic, parasitic particles of hereditary material contained in a very super molecule coat infection like operators. It depicts the basic sub-atomic instruments corresponding with infections to invade target cells, initiates contamination and corroborates that offspring infection particles are disclosed into nature.

  • Track 17-1VirusChrystallography

Structural science is that the most established of every biological branches and it's still developing field. The principal objective of basic science is to accomplish a complete comprehension concerning the cell structure in association to the sub-atomic instruments engaged with the cell forms. New bits of information are as of currently developing into the molecule structures which has within the signal transduction.

  • Track 18-1Advances In Drug Design
  • Track 18-2Advances In Tool Development
  • Track 18-3Advances In Imaging Technologies

Film proteins are basic proteins that are a piece of, or connect with, natural layers. Film proteins fall into a few general classifications relying upon their area. Basic layer proteins are a lasting piece of a cell film and can either infiltrate the film (transmembrane) or partner with either side of a film (fundamental monotopic). Fringe film proteins are temporarily connected with the phone layer.

New structures are presently decided at a fast pace. Notwithstanding these advances, further mechanical improvements are as yet required to beat new specialized difficulties that face film protein auxiliary science

  • Track 19-1Integral Membrane Proteins
  • Track 19-2Peripheral Membrane Proteins
  • Track 19-3Membrane Proteins Databases
  • Track 19-4Purification of Membrane Proteins